Monday, February 26, 2007

Another one down...

I finished my second quilt this weekend. I am really loving this one. I fell in love with the fabric and I think it just set off really nicely against the different white tone on tone's that I used. Just a simple Irish Chain, but i'm still learning.

I'm leaving on Friday to head to Japan, sans DH, for a week with my favorite gal and her son whom I have not met yet as he was just born in August. I'm excited to go but am not thoroughly ecstatic about the 14 hour plane ride. And that's only one flight out of the three it will take me to get there. I was trying to think of something I can do with all that time, other than watch dvd's and drink (did you know alcohol is free on international flights?!), and I'm seriously thinking about trying to start a Grandmother's Flower Garden with paper piecing. It can't be that difficult can it? Although paper piecing when trying to be drunk and sleep through the flight could prove hard. Hmmm.

Also, the quilt show this past weekend was AMAZING! I totally dragged along a friend from work who, hopefully, enjoyed it as much as I did. There was some amazing talent present at this thing. And fabric, oh, the fabric. I wanted to buy it all, but only came home with a few fat quarters and a ton of ideas. I snapped a load of photos, but this quilt in particular really captured my attention and I want to share it. How does someone even go about starting to make a quilt like this. It's so intense! I wish I could show you the detail on this thing, it blows my mind. The colors are wonderful too!
Anyway, i've got a load of laundry, aka recently purchased fabric, in the washer, so i've got to go. Later taters.

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Happy Zombie said...

INTENSE is a perfect word for that quilt. It's so Kaffe Fasset looking (I think it might be his pattern, though I'm not sure). I too can't imagine even starting it.... but SO WANT TO! I'd want to do mine EXACTLY like the one you photo'd.

I really want to make this quilt. So bad! But it's just so mind blowing. I think if I ever made this quilt I could say, "I'm done". Not that I'd want to be done... but it would definitely be my crowning glory!

The photo looks so pretty on your blog too! Like they were meant to be together!