Monday, March 26, 2007


I was thinking that I didn't really like that whole brown thing I had going on. So this is new and refreshing. And also quite springy, which is good, considering it was a beautiful 76 degrees here in Norfolk, Va. today. There was even time for a trip to the dog park during which I was told by a fellow visitor that she was better than me because her dog was a rescue puppy from Katrina and it was obvious that my dog was a pure bred from a breeder. WTF?? Does it really matter? Apparently to some.
I haven't had much time for craftage lately. I better get my butt moving though, because I have a quilting class in 2 1/2 weeks and I am supposed to have a log cabin finished. oops. But I'm not trying to scare my Quilt Block Swap partner. Su, the blocks are done and will be in the mail tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tree troubles

A note to all the pet toy makers out there. Why can't these things be slightly more durable? During a trip to PetsMart yesterday for the pooch's third, yes third toy of the same sort, we picked up a little something extra that he had grabbed and was dragging down the aisle. It's a plastic branch. And he really likes it.

The problem with said plastic branch is that it only really lasted a day. Case in point.

Can you see the hole? That is one of the little branchy nobules that he totally chewed right off. He is currently working on a second. It's frustrating to buy a toy for the kid and then have to sit and monitor him like a kindergarten recess aide while he plays with it. Grrr. What's a mom to do?

Friday, March 16, 2007

Konichi Wa!

I finally have a moment to post after returning from Japan. The trip was wonderful. Except for that 14 hour flight. A big blargh on that! But I made it and I got to visit with a dear friend who I hadn't been able to see for at least a year and see some sights while I was there. By the way, they do not insulate their houses in Japan. Brrrr. But they do get three cheers from me on the heated toilet seats. Whoo hoo!
Of course, I did do plenty of shopping while there. We visited the Noritake factory and some other various pottery places. All of the pottery was breathtaking and much of it out of my budget. But I did buy lots of fabric, which is actually pretty inexpensive there. My favorite of all are these two. One is cats and one is dogs. They just make me smile. Here's the rest of it...

Can you see the little owls on the bottom one! Very cute! I do apologize for the crappy pictures. There is absolutely no sunlight coming into the house today. Rain Rain Rain and more Rain. blah.

Anyway, while I was in Japan I celebrated my birthday. The big 30. Oh well, I guess we all have to grow up sometime. But, upon my return I was greeted with a super cool present from my hubby. He built me this while I was gone! A design wall! yippee! It's pretty big actually, but it's really a great thing! I definitely had no idea he was going to do this. When I had gone to the quilt show I came home talking about them and how it would be nice to have one. I guess he just took that and ran...straight to Home Depot and the fabric store. What a guy! It's built pretty much into the wall, but he assured me it can come down if/when we move. Rock on!