Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Day in the Sun

How much do I love that first day at the beach each year when the weather gets warm. A whole lot! My sister and my nephew came for a visit this past weekend and it was pretty much 84 degrees all weekend. Monday we packed up some sammies and hit the beach. It was beautiful and breezy! Of course, this week, I'm sporting a fab farmer's tan because of it.
They came down from PA on Friday because we had tickets to a serious rock concert. The Doodlebops! As you can see, my nephew is a bit of a crazed fan! He's only 2, but man, that kid knows how to rock!
The rest of the weekend was spent at The Virginia Aquarium and Virginia Zoo. It was generally a fun-filled animal, sun, rock'n weekend. I hate that my sis and I live apart from each other. It kills me to not see my nephew growing up every day. Sigh.


Samantha said...

What a great photo of your nephew!

Marta said...

People should read this.