Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Thrifty goodness

Stopped by a local thrift store this morning just to browse and I found a great little Bermuda bag and a vintagy pillow case that I may have to think of something fun to do with. hmmm.

The outer part of the bag is attached to the wooden handles with small buttons. So I am now on a mission to figure out how it was made so I can make as many covers as I want for the same purse! Anyone know a pattern for this? Heck, I could even use the pillow case for a cute summery purse. I got both things for only $3!

Of course, I feel a little guilty being so excited over something today with such a tragedy only a couple hours away. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone at Virginia Tech and all the families affected by this horrific thing. I truly don't understand what would make a person want to do something like that to his college peers. Really, what is wrong with people?

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Domestic Chicky said...

Hi! I am visiting you from Happy Zombie, and I just had to comment on your great purchase! I just got a bermuda bag off ebay, with the same idea-to figure out how to make new slipcovers for it...I am thinking reversible would be the way to go...if I come up with something, I will let you know!


PS-I grew up in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area!